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WordMat Directions
To begin, you'll need the following items:
WordMat ,Scissors,Tape, Photographs
Choose pictures to fit each letter. For example, round images will fit best in rounded letters, and tall, thinner photographs will work better for long and narrow letters.
Lay out the entire word before you begin cutting photos.  Use a small piece of tape at the top to secure the photo in place.
When the layout is chosen, you can cut and insert every other photo. This way, you won't have to cut each photograph, as full photos will lay flat behind the first set of letters you install.
After each photo has been trimmed, rub the tape in place to secure it to the photo and mat board. Allow the photos to hang freely. This will prevent them from warping in the future. 

Don't just choose photographs of people for the word mats. Combine pictures of people with objects, buildings, or scenery to add interest in the artwork.

Viola! Your word mat is now ready to display!
Make your own work of art, customize your WordMat with photos.