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Semi-Custom Framing Program
for Ann Brennan's Class Members
One of the perks of being a member of Ann Brennan's Classes is the Semi-Custom Framing Program. This allows class members to affordably frame artwork for shows and sales. The program is only available to class Members. No additional discounts are available on this group of frames. The program is a simple 5 step process. All frames are available for pick up in just 48 hours!

Step 1        Measure your artwork
Step 2         Find your united inches (UI). Add your length + width together. If it is a                         fraction, round up.
Step 3         Click on the frame of your choice below to get the information and price                      chart.
Step 4        Call Rainbow to order your frame. Just give us the frame number and                           exact size.
Step 5        Pick up your frame at Rainbow Arts and Crafts.